Wood-look tile in East Cobb homeAn increasingly popular flooring trend popping up in the greater East Cobb area is wood-look tile. For homeowners who love the look of natural hardwood floors with the added benefit of tile, look no further! This strong and attractive flooring option is one of our favorites here at Floor Coverings International West Metro Atlanta. Today, our experts are here to tell you what you need to know about wood-look tile.

Material and Design

Wood-look tile is made from either ceramic or porcelain tile that is formed to size and finished with texture and wood grain graphics. The tiles come in a similar variety of lengths and widths as standard hardwood planks, and can be installed in the same great patterns. Wood-look tile comes in a range of finishes that mimic the look of natural woods such as oak, maple, and cherry, and even more exotic woods, such as walnut and ebony.


Wood-look tile is a great option for anywhere in your home where water or moisture is present, which allows you to install it in areas normally off limits to natural wood, including bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements. This tile also looks great in kitchens, living rooms, or anywhere you want the look of hardwood that won’t fade, warp, or need to be refinished. Its durability also makes wood-look tile an excellent option for busy households with pets and children.


  • To achieve the look of real wood, installation is key. It’s important to choose a grout that blends nicely with the color of the tile, and installation should be left to a professional to avoid any flaws.
  • Wood-look tile is more expensive than standard ceramic or porcelain tile, and is sometimes even pricier than the hardwood it imitates.
  • Wood-look tiles are easy to maintain, long lasting, and unlike natural wood, will not fade or wear with proper care.

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