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Hardwood floors are a great way to add a touch of warmth and sophistication to your home in the Powder Springs Area. Not only are they durable, they are beautiful to look at and will last a lifetime!

At Floor Coverings International West Metro Atlanta, we love all things hardwoods, and today, we’re here to talk about one of our favorite species: walnut. Read on as we share what you should know about walnut hardwood flooring when deciding on the best option for your needs.

Characteristics of Walnut Hardwood

The name walnut refers to one of more than twenty types of tree that make up the Julgans genus found growing around the world. Close relatives of the hickory family, domestic walnut trees are found growing throughout the Eastern half of the United States—a great bonus for homeowners looking to source their floors locally.


The most common species in North America is black walnut, which has long, straight wood grain and colors ranging from tans to dark browns. It’s rich color pairs nicely with clean white baseboards and a variety of indoor paint colors. Some homeowners choose to stain their walnut floors to create a more even tone, or to achieve a bold design.

When it comes to plank size and finish, walnut is a beautiful choice for wide plank flooring, most commonly available in widths between 5” and 8”. For added character and a timeworn look, consider a hand-scraped finish to elevate the design of your floors.

Maintenance and Care

While a popular flooring choice, walnut is on the softer end of the Janka hardness scale. With a rating of 1,050lbf, walnut might not be well suited for areas that see heavy wear and tear, and we recommend the use of furniture pads and areas rugs to prevent dents and scratches from heavier items in your home.

To keep your walnut floors looking their best, regularly sweep or use a dust mop to remove dust and dirt from the floor’s surface. Darker flooring tends to show dirt more easily than lighter materials, so consider having your walnut finished with a matte or satin finish that can help hide debris.

Get Started

To learn more about walnut and the other great hardwoods we carry, give Floor Coverings International West Metro Atlanta a call today and schedule your free design consultation. Our Design Associate will bring our selection of flooring samples right to your home and walk you through the entire flooring process, from start to finish.

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