Light hardwood flooring in Atlanta home

When it comes to finding the right hardwood flooring, color and tone are often the first things to consider. Light hardwood flooring is a design aesthetic that has been around for centuries and West Metro Atlanta residents love how it brightens their homes. It’s a design that can be achieved a number of ways, and our team at Floor Coverings International West Metro Atlanta is here to help you find the best choice for your needs. Read on as we discuss light hardwood flooring and what you should know about it.

A Great Neutral For Your Home Design

Light-colored hardwood floors provide homeowners with a great foundation for many interior designs. This flooring lends particularly well to more modern designs, although the overall look you will also depend on the wood species, plank width, and any stain and finish you choose. The planks generally require little to no staining and look gorgeous with a satin or matte finish. Lighter hardwoods will also complement most existing interior designs, as well as look great with a variety of area rugs and accents.

Wood Species to Choose From

There is a great number of wood species that are light in color to help you achieve a light hardwood look. The most popular choices in the Atlanta area are maple, white oak, and hickory, and each variety produces great results with light staining or when left in their natural tone. They are also similar in hardness and will provide your home with flooring that will last a lifetime, especially when you choose solid hardwood planks.

Additional Benefits of Light-Colored Hardwood

Light hardwoods go a long way in brightening up the overall appearance of your home. They are particularly beneficial in small areas, or in rooms with less natural light, and will help bring a greater sense of space into your home.

Many homeowners love how easy it is to maintain light-colored hardwood thanks to its ability to hide dust and debris. In busier areas of your home, it’ll also help hide scratches and surface wear that occur over time. When the time comes to refinish your floors, less work is often needed to bring your beautiful floors back to life. By choosing a naturally brighter wood species, you also have the flexibility of choosing a darker stain if you decide to change your design down the road.

Get Started Today!

At Floor Coverings International West Metro Atlanta, we’re dedicated to helping home and business owners alike in the greater Marietta, East Cobb, Powder Springs, and Smyrna areas find the perfect flooring. When you’re ready to explore the world of light hardwood flooring, give us a call and schedule your free design consultation. Let us help make your flooring dreams come true!

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