hand scraped hardwood flooring in mariettaHand scraped hardwood flooring has become increasingly popular in the past few years. Known for its aged and weathered appearance, this antique style of hardwood is distressed by hand. Many Marietta homeowners appreciate hand scraped hardwood because it offers a truly individualized look that’s defined by the artist that performs the scraping.

Here we’ll be discussing some of the benefits offered by hand scraped hardwood flooring, as well as a few recommendations when it comes to hand scraped hardwood flooring care. We encourage you to read on, and to consider adding this unique material to your Marietta home!

Hand Scraped Hardwood Benefits

Individuality—Hand scraped hardwood flooring is different than distressed hardwood flooring, which is another antique style of hardwood. Both achieve a similarly weathered appearance, however distressed hardwood reaches its aged appearance using a machine. Many people prefer hand scraped hardwood over other antique hardwood varieties because the look of the wood is highly individualized. Others appreciate that their floor reaches a unique appearance at the hands of a real person, rather than just by a machine.

Durability—The natural color variation and character marks present in hand scraped hardwood flooring not only offer aesthetic beauty, they also hide scrapes, scratches, dust, and dirt. This makes for flooring that withstands high traffic with little maintenance. We particularly recommend hand scraped hardwood installation in kitchens and entryways.

Hand Scraped Hardwood Care

After hardwood has been scraped by hand it’s usually coated with a tough urethane finish to ensure long-lasting shine and protection. In most cases, a broom and dustpan are all that are needed to clean hand scraped floors. You can also use a rag and a mild cleaning agent if needed. You should, however, avoid exposing your hand scraped hardwood floors to a great deal of moisture, as this can be damaging.

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