Atlanta area living room with ash hardwood flooringAt Floor Coverings International West Metro Atlanta, we strive to help our customers find the perfect flooring for their needs. When it comes to hardwood flooring, there are many species available, and we want to help you find the best species for your design, budget, and lifestyle. Today, we discuss ash hardwood flooring; a beautifully durable option that performs great any place hardwood floors can be installed.

About Ash

Ash is one of the most versatile hardwoods native to North America. It grows predominantly in the eastern United States, from Maine all the way down to our home state of Georgia. It is commonly used to make furniture, cabinets, baseball bats, hand tools, and of course, floor boards! Homeowners who choose ash love the wood for its color, strength, and durability. It’s also on the more affordable end of the hardwood spectrum, making it a great choice for flooring projects on a budget.

Up close view of ash hardwood


Ash has pronounced wood grain patterns that sweep and curve down the length of each board. Its color ranges from light cream to dark, rich browns. Because of its range of color, homeowners often choose a lighter stain, if any, to showcase the natural beauty of the wood. Ash has a Janka hardness rating of 1,320lbf, which is comparable to red and white oak. While not as hard as some domestic woods, such as hickory, ash is a very durable flooring material that resists scratches and dings from everyday wear.

Other Considerations

  • Ash is available in many grades and qualities. The boards lighter in color with a straight grain are more sought after, and often more expensive than darker boards with more pronounced grain patterns.
  • Ash is a great option for plank flooring and is available in a variety of widths and lengths.
  • While it’s not recommended to install ash in bathrooms or below grade basements, several manufacturers carry engineered ash hardwood that’s more durable for areas with a higher exposure to moisture.
  • Maintain ash as you would other hardwoods: sweep or vacuum regularly to remove surface debris, and avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaners that could damage the floors.

Find Your Perfect Floors

If you’re ready to start your next flooring project, you can schedule a free design consultation online in a matter of minutes! A Floor Coverings International West Metro Atlanta team member will bring our great selection of ash and other hardwood flooring right to your home with our mobile showroom. Start your next project today!

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