Anyone looking to update their flooring has wondered if hardwood flooring is the right option for their home. With its timeless style and simple maintenance, it’s easy to see why so many Atlanta homeowners love hardwood flooring. At Floor Coverings International West Metro Atlanta we love it too, but we know it’s not the best option for everyone. If you love the look of hardwood, but are hesitant to install it in your home, then this article was made for you. Here are the best hardwood flooring lookalikes.


Laminate is the most popular alternative to hardwood for a reason. It has a trio of perks: affordable, durable, and beautiful. Laminate stands up to scratches better than hardwood, making it a great option for homes with pets. It is also moisture-resistant, meaning it can function well in areas of your home that might see splashes of water, like your bathroom.

While laminate isn’t the most long lasting alternative to hardwood, it can stay beautiful for years with simple maintenance. At Floor Coverings International West Metro Atlanta we stock many different styles of laminate, so you can get the exact hardwood style you want in laminate form.

wood-look floors laminate west metro atlanta

Wood-Look Tile

If you want for the look of hardwood and the strength of tile, look no farther than wood-look tile. Wood-look tile is made from either ceramic or porcelain tile and is formed and texturized to look like hardwood planks. Many homeowners in the west metro Atlanta area are opting to install wood-look tile, as it is waterproof and extremely long lasting.

You should know that wood-look tile can be expensive and is sometimes more costly than traditional hardwood floors. We firmly believe the benefits of tile outweigh the costs. Beware that if installed with a poor-colored grout, the tiles will look less like real wood. The professionals at Floor Coverings International West Metro Atlanta will make sure your wood-look tile is installed correctly.

wood-loo tile west metro atlanta

Luxury Vinyl Plank

Memories of tacky vinyl tile shouldn’t stop you from installing modern luxury vinyl flooring in your Atlanta home. The design of luxury vinyl has advanced leagues in the past twenty years. Now, it is the best budget wood-look flooring. It has a stunning design and is extremely durable. Floor Coverings International West Metro Atlanta can successfully install luxury vinyl anywhere in your home.

Unlike wood-look tile and traditional hardwood floors, luxury vinyl flooring won’t add long-term value to your home. If you’re worried about the investment value of your flooring, you may want to opt for a different type.

wood-look floor luxury vinyl tile west metro atlanta

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