Floor Coverings International West Metro Atlanta is delighted to introduce the latest installment in our Designer Influencer Interview Series. Tina B. Ladson is a talented designer, writer, and entrepreneur and author of the website Lifestyle with Tina B., where she gives inspiration in living well, organizing, practical décor, and home entertaining. You can follow Tina on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest.

Tina B. Ladson

Organize your life with style to live well.

Tell us about yourself.

I am a designer, blogger, and marketer originally from the Midwest, living in Atlanta. I have worked with nationally recognized retail brands as a packaging designer, senior marketer, and art director. My blog, Lifestyle with Tina B. was born out of my love for design, writing, and daily inspiration targeting the busy, creative, entrepreneurial woman. Over the past five years, the blog has done everything from posting style and design advice to more recently focusing on inspiration and living well everyday. My lifestyle blogging is also featured on The Huffington Post.

What’s one of your favorite design pieces you have in your own home?

My husband and I just purchased a home in October and we are currently decorating. We stumbled upon a couple of beautiful gold brass banded lamps in the back of the store that are so chic. I love their aesthetic and they will be a nice accent to bluish-denim, gray, and espresso furniture that we selected for our living.

lifestyle with tina b.

What is your favorite design trend of 2017?

So far, I have to say the use of multiple metallics and seeing gold being reinvented in a really modern, luxurious way. I’m also loving navy as a strong neutral, accent, or primary décor color. It’s a bold, clean, and all around multi-faceted hue.

decorating-with-navy-01Courtesy of Architectural Digest

Do you follow any other blogs for inspiration?  If so, which ones?

Yes! I absolutely follow tons of other artists, designers, and creators. I think the best way to grow and stay engaged as a creative is to keep a pulse on what else is going on. I follow a plethora of topics; interiors, party planning, organizing, DIY, food, wine, etc.

I am visually inspired by a lot. A few sites I follow are:






Can you explain a recent project you’ve been working on?

Something that I launched last year, but unfortunately haven’t really nurtured is my online store, The Studio.  It’s my Etsy shop online that features downloadable prints for purchase as well as custom color and sizing options as well.

I’ve met with a fabric wholesaler in Raleigh and plan to roll out pillows, eco-friendly tote bags, and stationery featuring my print designs soon as well.