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For homeowners in the Marietta area, hardwood floors are a classic option for any modern or traditional home. With consistent cleaning and maintenance, hardwood flooring can last a lifetime. It can be difficult to keep track of the things you need to do. Luckily, our experts at Floor Coverings International West Metro Atlanta have made this handy guide to scheduling your hardwood flooring care.

Basic Steps

As a base, be sure to clean up spots and spills immediately to prevent long term stains or warping. If you have pets, keep their nails trimmed to prevent scratches or scuff marks. Further, regularly clean your pets’ paws and fur to keep out the dust, dirt, and dander they can bring in. If you have a busy home, keeping shoes off your hardwood is an important measure to maintain the integrity of your floor.

Sweep or Dust

A couple days a week, make sure to give your floor a good sweep or dusting to clean up the bits of dirt and grit that can be tracked in. Dirt and dust are like sandpaper on your hardwood and the likelihood of scratching increases when it’s in high traffic areas like the kitchen, entryway, or dining room. Consistently keeping the grime off your home is vital for preventing scratches. Using a good cloth around the baseboards and a microfiber mop on the floor will trap the dust and keep it from building up around the house.

Vacuum or Mop

Every week, a deeper cleaning is necessary to get hard to reach areas. Vacuuming guarantees that even the smallest bits of dust and dirt will be eliminated, whereas sweeping and dusting is good for getting the things you can see. Alternatively, you can use a lightly dampened mop to clean your floor as well. It’s important to make sure that there is no residual moisture after mopping, as that can distort or warp your hardwood if left over time.

Sand & Refinish

Professional sanding and refinishing every 5 years or so will maintain the freshness and beauty of your floor. Sanding the worn off areas and reapplying finisher and sealant is like giving your floor a nice facelift. This process will remove any irritating dents, scratches, or stains that may occur in your well loved Marietta home. As this can be an arduous project to take on, we don’t recommend doing it alone. Talk to our professionals here at Floor Coverings International West Metro Atlanta when it comes time to sand and refinish your floor!

If you are interested in learning more about hardwood flooring and maintenance, your friendly experts at Floor Coverings International West Metro Atlanta are here to help! We offer complimentary consultations and can answer all of your questions about hardwood and more! We proudly serve the greater Marietta, East Cobb, Powder Springs, and Smyrna areas.

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