marietta hardwood laminatePrior to the late 70s, the only way to get the classic look and feel of hardwood in your home was to install floors made from Oak, Maple, Birch, or another tree. Laminate changed everything. Invented by the Swedes in 1977, this synthetic flooring material has only grown in popularity since its inception. You can find it in many Marietta homes and businesses.

At Floor Coverings International West Metro Atlanta, we are often asked about how to choose between laminate and traditional hardwood. How does this vinyl-particleboard sandwich stand up to natural, time-tested hardwood flooring? Here are some things to consider when making the choice:

When are you going to replace your flooring?

With proper cleaning and maintenance, depending on the type of wood, hardwood floors can last up to 100 years. As a result, hardwood flooring has a greater impact on home resale values than laminate. It is also more expensive. Laminate has the advantage of being easily replaced. If you like to follow flooring trends and frequently redesign your spaces, laminate may be a good option for you. Hardwood can be refinished and stained, but this can only do so much to change the color. Red Oak will always look different than Mahogany, regardless of the finish.

Where is the flooring going to be located?

With the rise of open-concept kitchens and living spaces, hardwood floors are more commonly used for entire homes. Hardwood floors can be used safely in most rooms of the house, including light-moisture spaces such as the kitchen. However, hardwood is highly susceptible to water damage. Laminate is a better choice for bathrooms.

Do you have pets?

Laminate is a great option for pet owners because the vinyl top layer resists scratches. Regular trimming of your dog’s nails can help reduce damage to hardwood, but nothing is full proof and many pet owners opt for laminate.

More Information

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