When it comes to bedroom interiors, a soft look and feel are common design goals. That’s why homeowners in Marietta make carpet a top choice for their bedroom floors. At Floor Coverings International West Metro Atlanta, we supply the softest varieties of carpet to turn your personal space into a cloud-like respite. Read on and learn how you can get the softest carpet for your bedroom floor.

Soft bedroom carpet in west metro atlantaThe Secret to Softness

The password for carpet softness is high-pile. Higher pile carpets have longer strands and they are fluffier, cozier, and altogether softer than their lower pile counterparts. A high-pile carpet has luxury and relaxation woven into every fiber, and you’ll love the airy yet substantial texture under your toes every morning. Although high-pile carpet has lots of give, it won’t flatten over time; it will stay soft and welcoming underfoot, day after busy day.

Relax with Saxony

High-pile saxony carpet is a great option for a plush yet elegant bedroom. Saxony is an incredibly soft carpet with a dense, even surface. It is a “cut-pile” carpet, meaning that the woven loops used to construct the carpet have been cut open at the top, creating an especially soft feel. Saxony is the memory foam of carpet, mostly due to its density. Saxony carpet is plush yet supportive, and your happy feet will leave small indents as you pad towards the bed.

Feather-Touch Fibers

When you’re creating a comfy bedroom oasis, the color and fiber content of your carpet are important considerations for achieving your desired look and feel. The softest natural carpet material is wool, but such carpets can be quite expensive. The softest synthetic is nylon and this fiber is a great choice for the bedroom. Other synthetic fibers (such as olefin or even polyester) are not as soft as nylon, but they can be very plush if their quality is high enough.

Choose a Soft Hue

carpet flooring samples in west metro atlantaTo highlight the pillow-like feel of your carpet, choose a subdued yet stylish color. Try something with a muted hue: a subtle sage, a tranquil tan, or a cozy cream. For your overall interior, a neutral palette will encourage optimal relaxation.

To get cloud-like carpeting for you Marietta bedroom, call the flooring experts at Floor Coverings International West Metro Atlanta today. We offer free in-home design consultations, and we can’t wait to work with you! Serving Marietta, East Cobb, Powder Springs, and Smyrna.

Photos by Offscreen, Africa Studio